Moaning, ignorant liars on Howrah Express | DTM Speech Contests

“This day, the 28th of August, is a remarkable day for Delhi Toastmasters!

Today, we have our first ever meeting, and intrestingly enough it is also the day we find the winners amongst ourselves”

TM Charvi Mehta, Contest Chair

The first ever meeting of DTM kicked-off with Toastmaster (TM) Ankur, Sergeant-at-Arms, opening the meeting with announcing the mission of toastmasters. He then summoned the contest chair TM Charvi Mehta to take over the dias and proceed the meeting. She remarked that the 28th of August 2016 was a historical date for DTM and that when we would look back at it after some time, we would cherish how we started our journey together as DTMs towards producing DTMs.

She then invited the contest master, TM Himanshu Gupta, to proceed with informing attendees of the contest rules. First up was the humorous speech contest which had five very enthusiastic participants the inspiring thing about it being that four of them were new toastmasters and two of them delivered their first ever speeches.

My Girlfriend Moans by Vaibhav Jaisingh

Vaibhav switched to a storytelling mode wherein he reasoned out why he is not single as the girlfriend he really needs is always in his pocket, always there to support him, connect him with people, and allowing him to have the benefit of multiple relations. Then he revealed it was his phone he was talking about all the time. The humour used all throughout the speech was classic and simple but used to great effect.

Tips for Ignorance by John Haider

John gave us a solution to one of the most perplexing problems a commoner faces on a usual basis…when we don’t know an answer to a question or any situation! In his classical way of presenting things in a mellow manner, he layered the presentation with humour and made us laugh and admire his wit.

Never Give Up by Akash Gupta

Akash delivered his icebreaker which was filled with a lot of intimate and fun filled details of how he was born and went on to be where he is now. His stage presence and candid presentation which contained glimpses of his exciting life was commendable.

With an enthusiastic participation ended the humorous speech contest followed by a 15 minute break during which the role players and contestants were briefed about the rules. There were in total 9 contestants for the evaluation contest, an appreciable number considering it was in our first meeting itself.

The evaluations were very varied and covered every possible angle of analysis. A heartfelt gratitude goes to our target speaker TM Ankit Sinha for delivering an engaging story titled “Howrah Express”, our test speech for the evaluation contest.

Following it was the distribution of participation certificates by our Chief Judge, TM Rajiv Roy who took out time from his Sunday to help us conduct the contest smoothly and without any hassles. The contest master, TM Himanshu Gupta, called up every contestant one by one and asked them fun questions about themselves which entertained the audience and lightened up the environment before what was about to be the most intense atmosphere of that day; the announcement of winners!

A special word of thanks was extended to the role-players Hardeep Singh and Garima Lamba from CDTM, Etender Singh and from

For the humorous speech contest, the top three were the following:

1st Runner Up (Left): TM John Haider

Winner (Center): TM Vaibhav Jaisingh

2nd Runner Up (Right): TM Akash Gupta

For the speech evaluation contest, the top three were the following:

1st Runner Up (Left): TM Vaibhav Jaisingh

Winner (Center): TM Shreya Kabir

2nd Runner Up (Right): TM Jasdev Singh


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