Impromptu Table Topics’ Topics | DTM Specials

Impromptu public speaking is fun! But last Sunday, our Table Topics Master, Toastmaster Ayesha Bhati, took impromptu to an even extreme level.


TM Ayesha in target scanning mode

She very creatively decided to generate all the topics impromptu! She told everyone present to jot down any one of their secret, or any funny/embarrassing moment that they had experienced. She then, from all the collected slips, drew out a slip and called upon any speaker at random from the audience to speak on it for one to two minutes.

A total of 5 ‘targets’ were call upon the stage to speak. Toastmaster Jaspal told how he had to help a friend to reach home after she had a bit too much alcohol, while he spoke on his topic ’embarrassing hangover moment’. Toastmaster Amaninder tried out his sales skills while he hilariously tried to sell a soap to a guest, who apparently, as per the given topic, didn’t like to bathe.


Esha, the best Table Topic speaker

The Best Table Topic speaker award was bagged by a guest, Esha, who very enthusiastically described a personal account of ‘how risky can it be to accept the friend request of your mom’.

This session was a part of meeting # 3 of DTM, held on 18th September, and has been captured into words by TM Jasdev.


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